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House/Structure Washing
Our soft wash method is a low pressure system using a mixture of water and 12.5 hypochlorite(bleach) solution.
Gutter Cleaning
- Free all gutters and downspouts of debris.
- Bag & haul off all debris, unless blending into natural areas will suffice.
- Blow off any debris from roof (if safe to do so), patio, deck, sidewalk,     or driveway you might have.
- If homeowner has gutter guards then extra fees will apply.
- We'll leave your property looking as good or better than we found it.

Gutter Facing
The face of gutters get stained over time from asphalt spilling over the top. They can usually be cleaned using a special chemical and scrubbing method that will restore back to original color (white).

Wood Restoration
- Clean (apply wood restoration and high pressure)
- Stain (spray and/or by hand)

- Clean (apply wood restoration and high pressure)
- Stain (spray and/or by hand)

* Home owner purchases own stain to be applied
* If discussed that Aqua Finish provide material we use a Australian          Timber Oil from Cabot or a Sherwin Williams product for best results.
* If oil stain is to be used then it will raise the price and a $50.
   charge will be assessed
* A drying time of 24-48 hour will be needed before and after work
   begins (for wood and material to cure). If forecast of 35% of rain or
   greater is predicted two days before or after work is scheduled, then
   rescheduling will be required.

Concrete Restoration
- Driveways.
- Sidewalks.
- Curbing.
- Sealing.

Roof Cleaning
- Call for free estimate.
We clean and stain misc stuff such as:
- Playground Equip.
- Furniture.
- Pergola.
- Etc.
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